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Hegemony of Wildwood
Becoming a Citizen


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Becoming a Citizen
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This page includes instructions on how to become a citizen.

Becoming a citizen of the Hegemony gives you full speaking and voting rights, along with the other benefits mentioned in Our Constitution.
To become a citizen you must be aged 10 or older. You must be willing to adhere to the Constitution and the rulings of the Hegemon. You must also be willing to serve in the military whenever you are called. If you feel you can meet these easy requirements, contact the government at Please tell them the following things:
1. Name (First and Last)
2. Age
3. Town/ City, State, and Country of current residence
4. Email address
5. Languages you speak
You will then be notified that you have either been accepted as a citizen and you will be given a 3 digit identification number or you will be told that you have been rejected. But don't worry, not many people are rejected.

If you wish to run for office in the year you become a citizen, please tell this to the Hegemon at the time of your application for citizenship.
Thank you