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Hegemony of Wildwood
Interesting Facts


Our Constitution
Becoming a Citizen
The Governnment
Interesting Facts
Foreign Relations
Our Language
State Religion

Cool facts about the Hegemony

Population : 3 (as of August 25, 2002)

Age structure : 0-14 years: 100%; 15-40 years: 0%; 41+ years: 0%

Religions : Judaism, Lockism, Christianity, Islam, Tao 

Languages : English and Hegemonic.

Literacy (over age 10) : 100%


Name of country : Hegemony of Wildwood

conventional long form : The Elected Parliamentary Hegemony of Winchester, Wildwood, and the Fells

conventional short form: The Hegemony

Type of government : elected general assembly parliamentary monarchy

Capital: Downtown Winchester

Political division : 7 neighborhoods (Downtown, Rangeley, Wall, Swanton, Glen, Flats, Ambrose)

Founded : August 13, 2002

National holidays :

Independence Day: August 18

Founding Day : August 13

Constitution : Constitution of The Hegemony of Wildwood

International organization participation : Founding member of the Intermicronational Pacifism League

Diplomatic relations : Nova Roma Respublica, Inner Realm of Patria


Currency : hegemony dollar

Rates of exchange : 1 H$ equals US$ 1 .