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Hegemony of Wildwood
Our Constitution


Our Constitution
Becoming a Citizen
The Governnment
Interesting Facts
Foreign Relations
Our Language
State Religion

This is our constitution. It sets down the basic laws of the land. Following it are our additional laws and amendments to the Constitution. But before any of this is the Declaration of Secession.

The Declaration of Secession

In order to remove ourselves from the imperialisation of the United States of America and the hatred directed at it, we the citizens of Winchester, Massachusetts hereby declare our secession and independence from the aforementioned nation and form the Hegemony of Wildwood. In forming this nation we break all ties with the United States and all other majorly recognized nations until stated otherwise. We also declare that any attempt to force us back into the United States will be met with fierce and stubborn resistance.

Any interference with our nation by any canon state will result in the refusal to acknowledge the existence of that state and/or a declaration of war against that state.

The Constitution

Section 1

To make decisions regarding the people and/ or resources of the neighborhoods of the Hegemony, all people aged 14 and older will be allowed to speak before everyone attending the meeting. People over this age may then vote on the matter. All these eligible persons may attend all such meetings. Every year, one voting eligible person will be elected Moderator. The Moderator has full speaking and voting rights and also chooses what order speakers will give their speeches in.

Section 2

All persons aged 18 or older but younger than 60 must attend at least 4 weeks of military training each year. Any person who has completed at least 2 weeks of training that year may be called into the military indefinitely with no pay if the Hegemony of Wildwood goes to war. In return for this service, the government will house, feed, clothe, and educate all people who are citizens of the Hegemony.

Section 3

All criminal acts subject the culprit to at least six months in jail, no matter the persons age, though for juveniles this time may be less depending on the judgment of the jury, which is chosen randomly from all eligible voters. The Hegemon assigns the length of jail time to the culprit depending on the crime. Murder automatically gives the culprit life in jail. All crimes may result in the exile of the culprit, withdrawal of citizenship, both, or neither, as assigned by the Hegemon.  

Section 4

Every two years one person is elected Hegemon. Every three years one different person is elected into each of these positions; Lord Strategos, Lord Admiral, Minister of Immigration, Minister of Commerce, Minister of the Exchequer, Minister of Science, Minister of Health, Minister of Education, Minister of Security, Minister of Aerospace, and Minister of the Interior. The actions of the Hegemon are final unless overruled by a 3/4 vote of the citizens.

Section 5

These laws may be added to or changed with the consent of the Hegemon and of the meeting. These laws hold supreme order over the land of the Hegemony and may only be interpreted if 2/3 of the meeting agrees with the interpretation.

The Laws

The Human Rights Act

No person may be persecuted in any way or arrested because of their racial backround, gender, age, name, religion, political views, nationality, or any other physical or mental attribute. No person may be arrested because of anything they say, short of a death threat, or any meeting they hold. No person's property may be searched or confiscated without a search warrant voted on by a meeting. Any violation of any of these laws will be treated as a criminal act. These laws may not be declared null or void, though they may be added to.

Clean Elections Act

Noone may use any money to campaign while running for office. A violation of this law is not considered a criminal act but the candidate caught campaigning will be disqualified from the race for office.

The Criminal Justice Act

All sentencings and all decisions of gulit or innocence in crimes are hereby granted to a jury randomly chosen from the voting populace. All of the jury must vote guilty or the suspect is decided on as innocent. However, the jury may have one week to discuss and then vote on the matter. They then discuss and vote on the sentence in another week. This nullifies Section 3 of the Constitution.

The Military Training and New Neutrality Act

Military training is no longer required. Soldiers are now paid according to rank Their pay is assigned by the Hegemon. Military service is not required but for all citizens who do not volunteer to fight if the Hegemony is attacked will not be clothed, fed, and housed. However, they still may own property and house themselves. The Hegemon cannot declare war against another nation unless the Hegemony is directly attacked by this nation. If he attempts to do so, he will be taken out of the office of Hegemon and the declaration will be recalled. These laws replace Section Two of the Constitution and also the Neutrality Act.