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"Gothaean is an isolating language. This means that words have no affixes or plural modifications. Instead, an additional word (or words) is added to change it. For example, trees becomes several tree. Also, "three trees" becomes "three several tree". It is also an analytic language. In other words, no word by itself has an inflection. In Gothaean, "Tree plant" is more commonly used than "Tree," etc. Gothaean is a Group A Sapir language. To sum it up, Gothaean is and isolating agglutinating analytic language. Plural modifications are either a) represented by the word eh before the noun (indicates a non-exact number) or b) represented by a number and the word eh before the noun (indicates an exact number)."
-Excerpt from the Gothaean grammar guide

At this site you can download documents in Gothaean and the vocabulary and grammar guides. They are updated frequently, so if a download seems incomplete, check back later. Also, more and more translated documents will be appearing for download on the site.