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This is the official page of the Mapalgetian religion!

General Information
Mapalgetism is a peaceful religion. We are a cyber-religion, meaning we are extremely involved in the internet. We use the internet for many ceremonies and informational stuff, like this site.
We have our "churches" in temples called "Teh Dapalget Dư". These are websites (or pages on websites) that have an appointed Lamas and the necessary equipment for anyone and everyone to practice the Teh Suru Kerlorn.
Mapalgists worship the Teh Rin Lamas. The Teh Rin Lamas are not so much gods as forces of nature. The Teh Rin Lamas are (in order of power, highest to lowest)
1. Dagius, Lamas of the Sun
2. Largos, Lamas of Light; Margos, Lamas of Shadow
3. Lassus, Lamas of Life; Massus, Lamas of Death
4. Arlus, Lamas of Order; Marlus, Lamas of Chaos
5. Darus, Lamas of Earth; Larus, Lamas of Fire; Barus, Lamas of Sky; Sarus, Lamas of Sea
6. Kalius, Lamas of Peace; Makalius, Lamas of War; Arius, Lamas of Love; Marius, Lamas of Hate; Orius, Lamas of Craftsmanship; Morius, Lamas of Destruction.
To become a Mapalgist, one must only practice the Teh Suru Kerlorn and send an email to the Lamas. The Lamas will tell you where the site for your Teh Dapalget Dư is.

Teh Suru Kerlorn
The Teh Suru Kerlorn are the five things a Mapalgist must do.They are:
1. Daily: Thank Teh Rin Lamas for allowing them to live.
2. Daily: Purify their body and soul by washing the hands and wrists.
3. Weekly: Visit a Teh Dapalget Dư to pray.
4. Yearly: Make a donation to those in need to rid oneself of desire.
5. Once in a Lifetime: Affirm one's faith in Mapalgetism, Teh Rin Lamas, and your Lamas.

All contents of this page and other pages on this site are in the free domain and can be used by anyone. However, we do ask that we are given credit for the pages and their content is not altered.