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Republic of Helios


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National Emblems

Here you can find our National Emblems.

National Symbols:
Colors: Silver, white, and yellow
Motto: "Freedom, Longevity, Technology, Environment" 
Animal: Moose
Bird: Red-tailed hawk
Element: Silver
Food: Pasta
National Anthem: "Out There"

National Flag
The yellow is that of the sun. "Ilios," the Greek word in the middle, means "sun".

Name (short): Helios
Name (long): The Republic of Helios
Status: Non-territorial Micronation
Founded: December 13, 2002
Capital: Fort Sol
Population (as of December 18, 2002): 3
Currency: Sol
Official Languages: English, Helian Gothaean
Foreign Minister: Senator G. Helios