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Republic of Helios


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Here you can find our constitution and other laws.

First Constitution
We the citizens, in order to create a more perfect union, and end war, hereby establish the Republic of Helios, with a capital at Fort Sol.
Section 1
On February 1 of every year, elections will be held for District Governors. Also on this day, elections for the District Senator will be held. These elections will be for a majority of votes, and the newly elected Governors and Senators will take their position on February 4. District Governors will control the affairs of their local district, whereas District Senators will represent their district as best as they see fit in the Senate.
Section 2
The Senate will meet on the third day of every month. They will be kept in order by a Moderator elected by a majority of them from their own ranks. The Senate will have ultimate control over every decision made. The Moderator is elected for one meeting at the beginning of the meeting, and cannot use his Senate powers during that meeting. He does, however, decide who will speak and in what order.
Section 3
All new laws must be put force by a citizen, Governor, or Senator. They will be voted on by the Senate at its next meeting. A majority vote is required. For direct amendents to this constitution, a 2/3 vote is necessary.
Section 4
No officer of the State shall attempt to take emergency powers; if any does, the offender will be impeached automatically from their position. Otherwise, impeachement shall only occur when 3/4 of the Senate votes to do impeach an officer; but the crime must be serious enough to warrant an impeachment.
Section 5
The court of the State shall be the High Court. The High Court will be presided over by a High Judge. All criminals tried here have the right to a trial by a jury of peers. Any person may file a suit against the constitutionality of any law put in place by the Senate; this case will be tried in a hearing presided over by the High Judge with no jury necessary.
Section 6
Every year on February 1, the following officers will be elected: Webmaster, Commander-in-Chief, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Interior Affairs, Minister of Immigration, Minister of Commerce, and Minister of Science. A person may hold more than one office. These office will be elected by a majority vote of the populace. 
Second Constitution (Draft)

Council Members-Strategos, Polemarch, Hegemon

For Laws-Member whose domain it is has 3 votes; others have 2 votes

Once ratified-Goes to people. Council decision=3 votes plus personal votes.

If tied-Personal votes only.

Once fully ratified-Becomes law.


War controlled by Polemarch

External controlled by Strategos

Internal controlled by Hegemon.


Petition-Population can petition with 10% or 100 signatures, whichever number is smaller.


Criminal Code-Crimes and accusations go to Areiopagos.

Jury-Ephetai of 5 hears case.

Sentencing-Ephetai aggress on sentencing. Hegemon must agree. No death penalty.