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The Kingdom of Talus

"Dignity is the Realization of Modesty"




Right now, you may be wondering, “What is this place?” Well, if you are wondering that, you may not want to be here. But for those of you who still want to know, Talus is a micronation. Micronations are small, made up countries that serve one of several purposes:


·         Political Simulation-

Often called Model Countries, Political Simulations are basically a fully working government with citizens and a leader.

·         Sovereignty Project-

These micronations want real independence and recognition by macro-nations (real, recognized countries like France and the United Kingdom). They are usually called Sovereignty Projects.

·         Community-

These micronations seek to establish a group of like-minded people. They often have their own cultures or are based on a real-life culture.


Micronations are also separated by seriousness. A micronation full of people posing as singing dwarves, for example, may not be as serious as one with people being normal humans. Micronations like Molossia, Reunion, Talossa, Morovia, and TorHavn are generally considered to be serious. This may affect diplomatic relations with other nations.


Talus is a Political Simulation. However, we hope to be about as serious as the “serious” micronations of Molossia and TorHavn. We are a constitutional monarchy without a real constitution. We just have a Magna Carta-like document.


The people of Talus are divided into three Houses. The first is House Elothin, which is currently the ruling class.  The second house is House Orius. The third is House Segardes. The monarchy continues down the line of heirs in each House until they get to the tenth. In that case, the House with the most citizens becomes ruling house. The cycle repeats itself.


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Citizens: (undisclosed until 10)

Land: Wood Island, Off the Coast of Maine

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Currency: Talus. 1 Talus=7 Grams of Silver.

National Food: Spaghetti Aglio Olio

National Anthem: “Godspeed to the King”

National Flag:


To become a citizen of Talus, email King Arian here with the following:

1.       Name

2.       House to be Joined

3.       Other Micronational Citizenships

4.       Email


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House Elothin:

Head of House: King Bruce Elothin

Members: 1

House Government: Parliamentary

Economy: Socialist

Color: Dark Grey


House Orius:

Head of House: Lord Charles Orius

Members: 3

House Government: Direct Democracy

Economy: N/A

Color: Navy Blue


House Segardes:

Head of House: Lord Steven Segardes

Members: 2

House Government: Direct Democracy

Economy: N/A

Color: Maroon


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